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Behind every reclaimed screen is a great stencil remover. To ensure that you are properly dissolving your stencil and are still able to reuse your screen again, Garston has a selection of stencil removers that are both eco-friendly and effective.

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Most printers trust brands they are familiar with. That’s why we only the best of the best screen printing items including our stencil removers.

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Qualities of Name Brand Stencil Remover Products

EasiWay EasiSolv Stencil Removers

EasiWay is always bringing out economical, biodegradable products for screen printers to indulge in. Their EasiSolv stencil remover easily mixes 1 part chemical to 4 parts water. When mixed with water, it’s safe for your drain and reduces any environmental concerns you may have. When using EasiSolv on a screen, you’ll see less visibility of emulsion or the stencil from both coarse and fine mesh counts. This type of stencil remover can also combat hazes and emulsion stains. You can also skip a step and not use degreasing chemicals, due to the fact that EasiSolv helps dissolve your stencil.

CPS Autotype Stencil Removers

The CPS Autotype Stencil Removers are not corrosive to your screens and can easily be diluted with water. With the help of this stencil remover, you can reclaim your screen even after using dual cure and photopolymer emulsions or capillary films.

The packaging used for CPS Autotype is also sustainable, reducing the need of excessive packaging. This product also comes in a few different concentrates for you to choose from.

The Steps to Washing Out a Stencil and Reclaiming a Screen

Step One

Once you’ve completed your printing job, you can place your screen in a washout booth. This is a secured area, usually waist-high, that can be used in the cleanup and reclaiming of your screens. Start off by simply wetting down your screen and rinsing both sides. Let the screen saturate for a short period of time.

You’ll see that the emulsion will start to dissolve off the screen, and you can help the emulsion along by aggitating the screen on the substrate side. This can be done by simply wiping down the screen in circular motions with your hand. This technique should only be used by experts because during the process of wiping down, you may remove parts of your stencil that should stay in the design.

cleaning mesh
cleaning a screen 2

Step Two

If you’re looking to reclaim your screen, you’ll need to invest in a pressure washer which can be used in many instances other than emulsion removing or stencil removing. This will help remove excessive bits of emulsion. Once you’re done rinsing down the screen and have enough emulsion off as you can, you’ll want to spray either an emulsion remover or stencil remover. Spray your stencil remover onto both sides of the frame.

If you start to see your design and additional ink immediately dissolving from your screen, that’s a good sign! This means that the stencil remover is working. Once you’ve sprayed enough of the stencil remover, begin to use your pressure washer again and rinse off the screen with water. On the inkwell side of the screen (or the backside) it may be harder to remove certain parts of ink or emulsion. A good technique is to either push the additional pieces to the front of the screen (substrate) or concentrate your pressure washer closer to the parts you want to remove. Once you’ve removed a satisfactory amount, you can then degrease your screen, dry it and re-use it and coat a new layer of emulsion.

Screen Printing Stencil Remover FAQ

What Is the Purpose of a Stencil Remover?

A stencil remover is used for the sole purpose of removing a stencil from the mesh. This type of chemical is applied to the stencil, helping it break apart including the chemicals that were mixed at the time of exposure as well as any cross links. After you’ved applied the stencil remover, the stencil should easily fall of the mesh and wash down the drain.

My Stencil Remover Isn’t Working, What Do I Do?

First off, you need to make sure that you never let the stencil remover dry completely. If you do, this will locko the chemical into the mesh and make a permanent chemical bond.

In terms of under exposed stencils, it’s harder to remove them completely compared to cured or exposed stencils. When we reference an underexposed stencil, we mean that the sensitizer did not cross links, and the stencil remover cannot make it all the way inside the mesh.

When you are spraying your stencil remover, you also need to make sure that it will penetrate the crosslinks formed by UV exposure. If there is no crosslinks in site, you won’t have an easy stencil removal process. At times, the stencil remover can also create another chemical reaction with underexposed stencils. Making it form a chemical bond with the mesh and making it even harder to remove.

Why Am I Having Trouble Reclaiming My Screen?

You could be having trouble reclaiming your screen because the emulsion won’t come off the screen. One of the most common reasons for this problem is that the stencil was underexposed or you cured your emulsion. If the emulsion is not completely dry after exposure, it will remain on the screen. By leaving the uncured emulsion on the screen, it will react with inks, solvents and other chemicals during the screen printing process and make it harder for you to reclaim your screen.

What Is the Difference Between an Emulsion Remover and a Stencil Remover?

In actuality, an emulsion remover and a stencil remover have the same benefits and purposes. You can remove emulsions and stencils with both products with the help of a pressure washer in order to reclaim your screens.

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Stencil removers are important in the cleaning and reclaiming of screens you wish to use again. By having a reliable stencil remover in your shop, you’ll be able to work efficiently and leave little to no remnants in your screens. Have questions about our stencil removers? Or questions about screen printing? Feel free to reach out to us at860-289-3040.