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Nazdar Ink is a leading supplier of screen printing products including their exclusive line of Nazdar screen printing inks. Nazdar inks are designed for numerous applications in screen printing including graphic, textile and industrial. At Garston, we offer a variety of different Nazdar inks including a number of their popular ink lines and colors. Reach out to a Garston representative today to learn more about our selection of quality Nazdar inks.

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Affordable Prices

Find your favorite name-brand products here at Garston including nazdar inks! We offer durable and high-quality nazar inks for incredibly low prices.

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Customer Satisfaction

Not sure which Nazar Inks best suits your printing project? One of our screen printing experts can help you choose!

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Quality Products

Nazdar inks are some of the best inks in the screen printing industry. Garston is always trying to find the most reliable and trusted names in the screen printing industry. We only want to provide our customers with quality products.

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The Benefits of Using Nazdar Inks

High-Intensity Colors

Nazdar Screen Printing Inks boast high-intensity colors for a wide variety of different applications.

Numerous Applications

Nazdar has the most versatile and dependable line of inks on the market. They are formulated for industrial, glass, metal, plastic, textile, wood and more.

High Production Volume

You’ll see longer print runs and higher production volumes when using Nazdar Inks.

The Different Types of Nazdar Inks

Enamel Gloss 

Enamel Gloss Nazdar Inks were formulated to screen print on hard-to-adhere surfaces like glass, wood, metal, and certain outdoor signs and displays.

All-Purpose Nazdar Inks

Garston carries numerous colors of the all-purpose Nazdar inks. This solvent-based screen ink is great for printing on numerous substrates and has a high gloss finish. Applications include indoor and outdoor POP advertising and display applications.

The standard printing colors for All Purpose Nazdar Inks has excellent opacity and flow characteristics. The transparent colors are both clean and transparent and can be used for color matches or mixing seamlessly with clear inks.

UV- Led Curing Nazdar Inks

The Nazdar Ink selection of UV-Led Curing Inks provide a similar level of perfromance as traditional UV curable inks. They can be used for a variety of different mediums including graphics, textures, and more.

Benefits of the UV-Led Curing Inks:

  • Energy Saving
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • Heat Reduction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduced rate of substrate shrinkage

Multi-Purpose Nazdar Inks

The multi-purpose Nazdar Ink services were made for screen printers who need increased production rates. It can help with the speeds of modern printing equipment, curing at lower levels of ultraviolet energy, and reducing both cost and substrate heat exposure.

You’ll experience low to no odor, and be able to use the multi-purpose Nazdar inks both for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Garston is your trusted supplier of Nazdar screen printing inks. We have a number of different types of Nazdar Inks that can help improve the efficiency of your print shop. With decades of experience in the screen printing industry, we can help you find the right Nazdar Ink for any application.