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International Coatings has been a pioneer in the screen printing industry for over six decades. The multitude of ink options can be used for sportswear, athletic jerseys, decorated apparel, automobiles, medical devices, and more. Our IC ink selection at Garston can help you increase your performance with ease of use and high-quality ink options.

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Why Choose Garston for IC Inks?

affordable pricing

Affordable Prices

We offer a large selection of International Coatings ink, perfect for any screen printing shop at an affordable price.

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Customer Satisfaction

Trying to find the best International Coatings ink for your project? Our screen printing experts are more than happy to assist you!

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Quality Products

International Coating boast high-quality, durable inks for the screen printing industry. We only want to provide our customers with quality products.

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The Benefits of Using International Coating Inks

Quality Ink Selection

International Coatings Inks were formulated to ensure quality and consistency with each print run.

Any Production Size

Use IC inks for any size job – both large and small, and you’ll experience excellent results.  

High Production

Find longer print runs and better production rates for your shop with International Coatings Inks.

The Different Types of International Coatings Ink

Low Cure Additive IC Ink

Looking for a screen printing additive that lowers your curing temperature? The International Coatings Low Cure Additive can effectively lower the curing temperature for most plastisol inks that are less than 300° F. You can use the low cure additive for printing heat-sensitive materials like polyester or non-wolven polypropylene bags.  This ink is ideal for printing on athletic or synthetic fabrics.

For IC Low Cure Additives keep in mind:


  • For use on 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, and 100% polyester.
  • Will lower the flash cure times for most plastisol based inks.
  • Recommended storage between 65°F and 90°F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and keep containers well sealed.



Legacy White IC Ink

Trying to find a suitable ink for auto or manual processes? The Legacy White series is for you! Legacy White IC Ink is a low-bleed, high pigment plastisol screen printing ink. It has a creamy viscosity and medium body, offering outstanding performance with increased production speeds.

The Legacy White series was formulated to help screen printers have an easier time printing opaque white. Printers will not require additional squeegee pressure, which helps improve the screen life durability.

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International Coatings Inks are some of the finest screen printing inks in the industry. They are versatile and dependable, suitable for almost any screen printing job you require. Have questions about the IC inks we offer? Call us today to learn more about your options.