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Do you have an inkjet printer? If you do or you’re considering purchasing one, you’ll also need to consider what type of ink you’re using in your new equipment. The most preferred type happens to be an inkjet ink that comes as a dye-based ink or a pigmented ink.

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Shopping with Garston can have a few different meanings. In the terms of our products, you can trust that we always offer low, honest prices for all screen printing inkjet ink!

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We take pride in offering the best customer service to all of our clients. We want to inform you on the best kinds of inkjet ink to utilize for your next project. Call today to learn more about your options!

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Not everyone will trust third party ink products, that’s why we stock name brand products in our warehouse. Not only do you get quality when you purchase from Garston, but you’ll get reliable and durable products.

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Types of Inkjet Ink

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Dye-Based Inks

The first ink developed for inkjet printers happens to be dye-based inks. When you use this type of ink, your prints will result in vibrant, deep colors that are mostly used for indoor applications.

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Pigmented Inks

For outdoor printing applications, pigmented inks are definitely the reigning supreme. They are more fade resistant and water-resistant compared to dye-based inks.

How To Select the Right Inkjet Ink Cartridge

Choosing the right inkjet ink cartridge is crucial in the printing process, especially when it comes to choosing the correct one for your inkjet printer. You need to choose a cartridge that produces great quality ink while resulting in high quality prints. Your best bet in choosing the right inkjet ink cartridge is to use a compatible or remanufactured ink cartridge.

Looking Through Your Manual

It’s not only important to figure out the correct cartridge for your printer, but to learn about the printer itself. Once you familiarize yourself with the printer and learn how to change the corresponding ink cartridges, you’ll have no problem shopping around in the future.

Replacing Your Inkjet Cartridges

The best place to start when replacing an existing inkjet cartridge is to figure out the make and model of your inkjet printer. You may be thinking it’s quite obvious to know what type of printer and model you have. We say this because, a majority of suppliers have to return their inkjet cartridges because they’ve chosen the incorrect cartridge. You can locate the printer model by looking on the back or bottom of your printer. Once you find the correct cartridge, make a note of it and try to source it before you look for an alternative. Some printers may take a variety of different sized ink cartridges, which could help in your process. You can look into high capacity cartridges which can be a cheaper alternative that last longer.

Choosing Your Inkjet Ink Cartridge

Most inkjet printers usually used by photographers, designers or businesses tend to use water-based inks that are either dye-based or pigment-based.

Dye-Based vs. Pigment-Based Inks

Dye-based inks are fully dissolved in a carrier liquid that provides a good print quality and affordable cost. They provide more saturation of colors, better brightness, a large range of color, and density of black.

Have you heard of “metamerism”? If not, Metamerism is the slight change of print color when light changes. Dye-based inks are free from metamerism, which means that resulting prints will look fine in artificial light, but have a small green tinge in sunlight.

Pigment-Based ink cartridges will sit on the garment or printing item and bond with the fiber while a dye will absorb into the fibre. By not being absorbed, they are more resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun. The properties of pigment-based inks also helps the ink keep a stable color. Compared to dye-based ink cartridges, they are more likely to keep their original color throughout the printing process.

In fact, this type of ink will exceed 25 years because of how resistant they are to fading. By keeping the inkjet paper or garment away from bright light, the print will surely last longer than estimated.

Inkjet Ink FAQ

When Do I Need to Refill an Inkjet Ink Cartridge or Replace It?

Inkjet Ink cartridges need to be replaced when they have completely run out. This is known as ‘ink starvation,” and if you keep printing with an empty cartridge you can cause damage to the integrated cartridge.

What Is The Proper Way To Handle an Inkjet Ink Cartridge?

Once you remove a cartridge from your printer, you can place it into the plastic storage clip. If you do not have a clip, you can simply place your cartridge into a letter sized envelope, making sure that the heads do not rub together. You also need to keep it in a cool place and make sure to refill your inks as soon as possible.

What’s the Best Printer for Inkjet Ink?

To get the full effect of using inkjet ink, you’ll need to use a inkjet printer instead of a laser jet printer. An inkjet printer will help expose your designs on the transparency sheet. When placing your transparency sheet (also known as transparency film) into the printer, make sure that you are printing on the gritty side. This helps to hold your ink on the transparency sheet. If you print on the smooth side, your ink most likely won’t dry and it more prone to smearing. By printing on the gritty side, you’ll also be able to re-use the design multiple times.

What Is the All Black Cartridge Ink System?

All Black Ink Cartridges can be used with any supporting printer. When it comes to making film positives, you have the option of only using black ink cartridges and avoiding the purchase of color carts. If you use this type of system in conjunction with AccuRIP software, you can simply turn on the Multi-black option in the setup window for AccuRIP. By turning this feature on, you can dedicate your inkjet printer to making clean and sharp film positives using every slot on your machine.

Should I Use an Inkjet Ink or Should I Purchase an All Black Ink System?

The answer to this question depends on how many film positives you make a day. If you are making a dozen or more, you can think about investing in an all black ink system. This could be a more practical solution for you. But, if you’re a beginner and you’re not used to  making film positives everyday, it will be more costly for you to purchase an entire system.

Inserting an all black ink system (a third party dye based ink) into an epson printer can be critical to the lifespan of your printer. By entering a third party ink, you’re making your printer more at risk to clogging. This would then cause you to dump out a bunch of ink and do a print head cleaning.

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