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Chromaline is a leading manufacturer of emulsion products that offer unique benefits for your screen printing project. Chromaline Emulsions can be used for printing on textile, graphics, glass, and printed electronics. Explore some of the Chromaline Emulsions we offer here at Garston.

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Affordable Prices

By having the best prices on all of our Chromaline Emulsions we are able to make a name for ourselves in the Screen Printing Industry as both reliable and affordable.

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Can’t determine which Chromaline Emulsion works best for your printing situation? We can help! Our screen printing experts will take the time and effort to find the solution you’re looking for.

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Not only do we offer affordable products, but we have the exact brand you’re looking for! Not every distributor will carry the Chromaline Emulsion item you need. If we don’t have the Chromaline Emulsion you need, we’ll still help you find it!

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The Benefits of Using Chromaline Emulsions

On Press Durability

Chromaline Emulsions are known for high volume printing runs.

Color Capabilities

Chromaline Emulsions created for graphics deliver high resolution, sharp edge-definition prints, ensuring consistent and repeatable color matching.

Better Image Quality

The Chromaline Direct Emulsion lines are perfect for screen printing seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality.

Chromaline Emulsions for Different Printing Substrates

Textile Chromaline Emulsions 

The emulsions you use for textile printing need to have more qualities than just ink resistance and on-press durability. They need to be seamlessly incorporated into your screen making the process and make your screen turn-around time better. Chromaline Textile Emulsions offer low costs, increased efficiency and can increase your screen printing daily operations, especially for a large volume run.

Chromaline Emulsions for Textile are great for:

  • Having a great build up – helps to make the stencil with fewer passes
  • Having a wide exposure latitude
  • Quick drying and exposure
  • Easy, stain-free reclaiming
Chromaline ChromaTech Emulsion
Chromaline Chromalime Emulsion

Graphic Chromaline Emulsions 

Having the right emulsion is a crucial component to having a successful printing run for graphics. The greatest challenge for printing on graphics is matching color, but Chromaline Emulsions are the perfect solution. They deliver high resolution, sharp-edge definition, and consistent color matching.

Chromaline Emulsions created for graphics are great for appliances, switches, nameplates and instrument panels. The containers for Chromaline Emulsions can also increase product value. They offer the precise ink deposit needed for each job.

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