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The cleaning, reclaiming, and proper disposal of ink are all critical portions of your screen printing business. To help you succeed, Garston offers screen washout booths and dip tanks. Helping to keep your screen printing preparation uniform and keeping your printing or reclaiming room clean and working efficiently.

Our Selection of Individual Washout Booths:

The CCI Stainless HD-Series includes recirculation booths that help improve your ink removal process. The operator can easily remove ink from squeegees, screens, flood bars and more. By using a recirculation booth, you’ll also use less chemicals, and have a piece of equipment that is long-lasting.


Easiway’s polyethylene dip tank can help shops reduce chemical consumption by 70%, and degreasing the labor of cleanup up to 50%. You can reclaim your screens easier and cheaper than most cleaning systems. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also reduce the risk of hazards and toxicity.

This back-lit, polypropylene screen printing washout booth from Easiway, features chemical resistance to all Easiway screen cleaning chemicals. This heavy-duty washout booth can accommodate oversized frames, and includes a pressure wand holder and a tool rack.

**All Washout Booths are Special Order and must be ordered over the phone. If you are interested in any of our Washout Booths or have questions, please give us a call at 860-289-3040

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Affordable Prices

Upgrading your shop comes easy with Garston. We can offer you affordable, easy-to-use washout booths to complete your cleaning and reclaiming processes.

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Customer Satisfaction

Nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers. Garston is known for its wide selection of screen printing products. If you have questions about washout booths or need a second option, we’ll be there for you.

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Name Brand Products

Most of us put our trust in name brand products. That’s why we stock the most affordable, well-known washout booths to help you feel secure in your purchase.

Features of a Washout Booth



With the help of a washout booth, you will be able to wash less chemicals straight down the drain, preventing less toxicity and  hazards.



Washout booths can come with backlighting or it can be added. This is a great way to brighten up your washout booth, helping you see if residual ink, dirt of dust has been removed for reclaiming your screens or getting them prepared.

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Keeping Screens in Place

Having a DIY washout station may seem like a good idea, and be very cost-effective for your shop. But not every design is as good as a closed off, waist-level washout booth. By having an enclosed area to washout your screens, you’re less likely to run into any problems with keeping your screens in place and speeding through the process in a more efficient way.

Tips for Using a Washout Booth

Investing in a washout booth can be beneficial for any screen printing shop. Instead of bending over a low sink or not properly disposing of your inks, you’ll have a better solution on your hands.

Tip #1: Convenient Washout Source Nearby

It’s best to have your washout booth away from your equipment, in the event that you get water on the floor or it sprays back at you. It’s recommended to have a hose or water source (preferably a pressure washer) nearby your washout booth as well. This way you can easily use your hose for mesh prep or washing out stencils. A pressure washer is best used for degreasing or reclaiming your screens. Your washout booth should also be hooked up to a drain and a water source.

Best practices include having these sources nearby or possibly underneath your washout booth. For the washout process, you’ll mainly be using cold or lukewarm water. Warm water will saturate the cured areas of your screens, so it’s best to avoid this at all costs.

Tip #2: Keep the Drain Clear

Upon purchase of a washout booth, there could be a screen covering the drain or a majority of the washout area. It’s best to remove this screen, seeing that it will obstruct your use of the equipment. This will also allow larger solids of waste to actually drain without clogging it up (if you have a filtration system in place). Otherwise, leaving the attached screen will help catch larger pieces of ink or waste that shouldn’t go down a drain.

Tip #3: Elevate Your Screens

If possible, it’s best to elevate your screens. If any tape or waste clogs up your drain, you don’t want your screens to be sitting in mucky, dirty water. It could not only affect your frame but also the mesh you wish to reclaim. If you can, it’s best to use a rack (that’s elevated) or create your own system for keeping your frames above water level.


Tip #4: Use Your Emulsion Correctly

To make using your washout booth extremely easy, you need to make sure you’re following the correct exposure times in your exposure unit. The more precise you are and the better you cure your emulsion, when you go to the washout booth, it’ll be an easier process. Trying to clean an underexposed screen in a washout booth can be problematic. It will be hard to washout your stencil without pushing out areas of emulsion that you might want to keep. You could also run into problems with going through your film.

If your film isn’t extremely dense, parts of your stencil will begin to semi-cure. Washing out your screens, shouldn’t take more than a minute. If you are spending 5-10 minutes on each screen, something definitely went wrong during your screen printing process.

Tip #5: Use a Dip Tank

Dip Tanks are a separate unit outside of a washout booth, but they can be used before you pressure wash in your washout booth. You can start by placing your screen in the dip tank for two to three minutes, then move it to the washout booth. While one screen is being pressured washed, the next can be inside the dip tank. This is especially good for shops that can’t slow down and need to keep production rolling. Dip tanks can also be seen as eco-friendly, helping you reduce chemical use.

Some dip tanks allow you to use ‘all-in-one’ reclaiming chemicals and a diluted cleaning solution over and over again. You will also have an easier time with removing stencils. Your stencil will be softened while soaking in an ink stencil remover, and then easily sprayed away. You can then clean your screen with a screen wash to remove excess stains or leftovers.

Washout Booth FAQ

Should I Have a Pressure Washer to Use With My Washout Booth?

For washing out stencils, you should only need the power of a garden hose. If you find that you need more power like that of a pressure washer in the image area, it’s most likely that your screen is semi-cured. Your film positive could be less dense than you need it to be. Pressure washers are best used in conjunction with emulsion removers to help loosen up your emulsions.  

Should I Invest in a Water Filtration System for My Washout Booth?

It is recommended that you have a water filtration system for cleaning your screens and equipment. A majority of states and cities ask that you are properly disposing your chemicals and inks in the proper way. To understand the importance of a filtration system, it’s best to find out the rules and regulations in your area for cleanup. Not using a filtration system with a septic system can also cause huge problems in the future that you don’t want to be paying for.

Should My Washout Booth Go In My Dark Room?

If possible, it’s recommended that you keep your washout booth outside of your darkroom. Humidity can have side effects on your screens. You shouldn’t have a problem taking your exposed screen from your darkroom to your washout booth to wet it. The only reason you would have a problem is if you are exposing your screens in direct sunlight or your shop lights are stronger than the norm.

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Cleaning your screens is important in the reclaiming process, which is why you need a high-quality, durable solution to your cleaning steps. Washout booths are fantastic pieces of equipment. Both in size, structure and function. Need help picking out your washout booth? Or looking for a quote? Reach out to us here at Garston for more information.