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No matter what kind of flash dryer you need: a smaller model for spot or final curing, or a large-scale, heavy-duty piece of equipment, Garston has affordable, long-lasting flash dryer options for your shop.

Flash Dryers also known as Flash cure units can be found in almost every print shop. They’re extremely useful for printing a white underbase or overlapping colors. Investing in the right flash dryer will help your shop stay efficient while meeting the deadlines of your customers.

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BBC Flash Dryers

Perfect for your automatic press, the Auto Flash Dryer by BBC Industries can be used on almost any print head or press with its adjustable bracket. The bracket can easily attach to your floodbar and move with your platen as you utilize the floodbar.

Since this is a smaller model, it features the added benefit of being lightweight. Allowing you to easily move it throughout your shop as well as on your press.

M&R Flash Dryers

M&R’s Acoma infrared flash cure unit has a reputation for consistent heat settings each time you use it. This feature is all thanks to the impressive infrared heat panel inside the dryer. Forced air is effectively pushed through the radiant panel and onto your substrate. This mobile, light-weight equipment is easy to move around your shop, especially with its 120° swivel capabilities. Ideally, you can use this press in conjunction with manual screen printing presses.

Both economical and dependable, M&R’s Tabasco HW is set up perfectly for manual screen printing presses. Easy setup is achieved with lever-lock rotation and floor-leveling pads. Easily move your equipment with this portable, height-adjustable model, customized with an easily accessible on/off switch.

Fully portable, M&R’s Habanero flash dryer is set for automatic screen printing presses. Built with a fully insulated panel guard, you’ll feel less external heat, and a height-adjustable stand with floor-leveling wheels. Move the Habanero flash dryer anywhere around your shop for optimal use and space-saving tactics.


One of M&Rs most economical infrared flash dryers is the Reno HW, suited for automatic screen presses. With a press-mounted shuttle design, a digital temperature controller, and optional floor stand, this multi-purpose flash cure unit can suit many screen printing needs and requirements.

The freestanding, customizable Serrano Flash Dryer features optional foot pedals as well as an optional communication cable for automated operations. Built with a smooth AC electric drive, you’ll have reliable performance and a long-lasting machine. You can order the M&R Serrano in multiple sizes including (18 in x 18 in and 18 in x 22 in)

M&R Quartz Flash Dryers

One of the most impressive, freestanding quartz flash cure systems on the market is M&R’s Cayenne D. Its tungsten filament quartz lamp boosts adjustable intensity, while its flash cure technology conserves energy while your press is not in use. Its curing lamps are divided into three flash cures zones helping to lower energy costs and faster cooling. You can attach multiple Cayenne D units together on the same screen printing press for multi-flash curing. You can order the Cayenne D in multiple sizes including 18 in x 22 in or 18 in x 18 in.

Similar to the Cayenne D, the Red Chilli Quartz flash dryer also utilizes a tungsten filament quartz lamp for intensity. This piece of equipment can be used for both manual and automatic presses. The Red Chili Quartz also utilizes fewer flash cure zones on smaller print areas to be more energy-efficient, decrease ambient heat, and faster substrate cooling. There is also a useful communication socket that helps you control the flash either by cable or directly through the unit.

Equipped with tungsten filament quartz lamp, the Tacana D features an adjustable intensity and energy-conserving capabilities. You will achieve consistent curing results because of its reflector array, forced-air heat exchange, and useful digital temperature controller. Since this unit mounts to a screen holder, it won’t take up as much space as a flash dryer normally would.

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Choosing the right Flash Dryer can be problematic. There are a lot of different questions you’ll need to consider. How big is your shop? How much are you willing to spend? All of these questions can be discussed with one of our screen printing experts. To learn more about our flash dryers, give us a call.

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Garston has become a trusted name in screen printing supplies. The same can be said about our name-brand, high-quality flash dryer units.

Qualities of Flash Dryers


Manual or Automatic?

A majority of flash cure units can be used together with a manual press or an automatic press. In unique circumstances, some can even be used with most types of presses. The easiest way to tell them apart is that most flash dryers for manual presses are on wheeled stands and can fit under print heads. Units for automatic are designed to attach to a print station.


Heat Source

The heat output on a flash dryer can either be from a quartz tube or a ceramic infrared panel. On one hand, infrared flash units are typically cheaper, but will take longer to heat up, therefore utilizing more energy. While a quartz flash cure will heat up quickly and save your shop energy. Quartz flash cures also don’t require preheating and can conserve energy by being turned off between press runs.


Special Features

Each kind of flash dure unit will have different features included. One standout feature is temperature control, where the user can accurately handle the temperature of the entire model, while a timer helps you keep track of how long you’ve been curing your product. Another feature called zone heating allows you to control specific areas of your flash cure head. This will allow you to only use certain parts of your flash dryer, avoiding starting up the entire machine and wasting energy.

How to Use Your Flash Dryer to Its Full Extent

Choosing the right flash cure for your screen printing shop is crucial. If you choose the wrong product it could be the difference between a quick cure and a slow cure. By understanding the most important aspects of a flash dryer, you’ll understand the best kind for your shop as well as how to use it to its full extent.

Choosing Between Different Features

When you are on the hunt for a flash cure, you’ll need to decide between the two heating types: infrared panels or quartz tubes. The price you pay for a flash cure is specified by the heating element it includes. Infrared flashes are normally more affordable, but they lack in the department of being a fast option. On the other hand, a quartz flash unit will both heat up and cool down quicker than any other flash on the market. This is great for not only your wallet or energy saving purposes, but also the productivity in your shop.

A huge problem some screen printers come across is buying the wrong flash dryer for their existing press. Certain flash dryers will only work with automatic, while others only work with a manual press, but some do work with both. A majority of flash cures will fit into your press in a multitude of different ways. Some will plug straight into the print station for an automatic press, which you can then use the flash directly on the presses control panel. For the most part, this means that your flash will act as the print head. If this is the case, you must understand that if you have a four color press, a flash cure will remove one color, leaving you with three. Some flashes have been created to use both the print and flash, while some are free-standing and not attached to the press at all.

When Do I Use My Flash Cure?

The term flash dryer and flash unit are interchangeable, but “dryer” can be misleading in the purpose of this unit. In reality, this equipment will not fully dry your print, instead they are meant to partially cure a layer of plastisol ink so that you can layer multiple colors on top of one another.

Using your flash cure will be determined by the artwork you are using. If you have colors in the design that touch edge to edge but never overlap, curing won’t be needed. The main purpose of flashing a print is to cure your underbase and the add other prints on top. If you are not using colors that overlap, flashing after each color will have no true purpose. If you find that you are never doing this process, you most likely won’t need a flash cure in your shop.

In some cases, you will be able to fully cure a print with a flash, but a conveyor dryer will be more useful. Conveyor dryers allow you to cure a higher volume of garments with less wait and accuracy. On the other hand, if you are just beginning screen printing or have a small shop, you might go with a smaller scaled flash cure to take the place of a conveyor dryer for your plastisol inks. Once you begin taking on more jobs and need a more efficient process, you might upgrade to a conveyor dryer.

Electric Dryer

Without knowing how to efficiently use your flash dryer, you could be wasting a ton of energy. To conserve power, you should look for a flash dryer that lets you control (turn on and off) individual zones compared to the entire unit. Another good feature comes from flashes that offer accurate time and temperature controls to not only maximize your productivity but lessen the chance of over-flashing your garments.

You could also look for a flash dryer that includes insulation. Fully insulated flashes help keep the flash from burning an operator. This key feature also helps save a considerable amount of energy seeing that it keeps heat from dissipating at your shop.

Maintaining A Consistent Temperature

While you are in the middle of production, you will most likely need to adjust the flash time or temperature. During this process, your pallets will heat up, altering the flash temperature. At this point, you need to keep a close eye on the temperature of your ink. Make sure to check the manufacturers label on the ink you are using to avoid over-flashing.

Over-curing between color changes can affect the top layer of the ink, making it have problems adhering to colors underneath. By keeping your flash dryer level, you will also maintain heat on both sides of the flash, making your chances of scorching your garments less frequent. When you finish curing your garments, remember that the prints could still be hot from the flash. Either let them cool down or adjust the conveyor dryer temperature, to avoid overheating your shirts and ruining your prints.

Flash Dryer FAQ

Why Is Smoke Coming From My Flash Dryer After Turning It On?

This is completely normal and it’s not technically smoke. It’s actually humidity that is evaporating out of your flash dryer. But, if the “smoke” is consistent and doesn’t cease after 10-15 minutes you may have a malfunction in the unit. If so, it’s best to turn the unit off and contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Why Does It Take a Long Time to Heat Up To My Desired Temperature?

This is a normal occurrence for a flash dryer. The time it takes to heat up is dependent on the wattage per square inch.

What is the Right Converter for a Flash Dryer Plug?

This is not as simple as it might seem. Buying a regular converter will not work for your flash dryer. Instead, you need to have the proper wire setup and the correct outlet to plug in your electric flash dryer. You may also need a separate breaker. To receive electrical work such as this, it’s best to consult an electrician.

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